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Explore the benefits of using a self-paced, dynamic e-­learning course designed to prepare you for your post-secondary education.

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How PREP Works

PREP supplies both educators and students with resources, lessons, and activities designed to help students prepare for the transition to post-secondary education.

Take Advantage of PREP's resources

Join the growing base of satisfied providers who have used PREP courses to help students both with and without ASD to have a successful collegiate career.

Personalized Lesson Plans

The structure of PREP courses allows for students to access the content in any order and to any depth, so they can focus on the skills that they would most benefit from mastering. Self-assessments, activities, and practice simulations generate dynamic reports summarizing results and providing personalized feedback to educators.

Prepare Students for Success

The research shows that students who use PREP not only enjoy taking the course, but also benefit from substantial gains in their confidence and skills. Hear what educators and parents have to say about their experience.

Proven E-learning Platform

Proven effective for training, our dynamic e-learning platform provides a personalized, multimedia learning experience with opportunities for hands-on practice and feedback.

Interactive Games and Exercises

Interactive games, assessments, and practice exercises test your knowledge while offline activities give you ways to practice the skills you’re learning.

Personalized Reports

Self-assessments help you examine your attitudes and behaviors, with dynamic reports summarizing results and providing personalized feedback.

Practice Simulations

Virtual simulations of common scenarios that students with ASD will have to navigate in college, such as accessing disability resources and speaking with professors.

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