What are people saying about PREP!

“This program allows teacher to build a curriculum based on the needs of the student. The language is consistent and reinforced frequently. It allows students to discover information on their own and to become the “expert” before engaging with teacher or peers on the topic.”

“I believe PREP was great because it presented transition in an interactive and fun way. Many students get bored easily by paper and pen transition inventories.”

“It gave my one student a kind of added hope. At the beginning of the semester he said he wasn’t going to college because he didn’t get into the program he applied for. Now he sees what he can do differently and he’s applying again.”

“This brings all the information together in one place as an excellent resource for teachers. It is very time consuming to pull together resources for all of these topics together bit by bit, so this is a great tool for having the information all collected.”

“My student really enjoyed the lessons and the program and he reported that he would do it all over again if given the opportunity.”

“The PREP program was focused on the students and was better than a lecture, guest speaker, career counselor, paper and pencil, and videos. My student really enjoyed working at his own pace and on his own time – it made him feel important.”

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